The vaporizer industry has practically exploded in the last four years. The biggest part of the market is taken up by portables. There have been numerous prominent portable vaporizers on the market, each one vying for dominance of the market. One of the best and most popular vaporizers has been the Firefly vaporizer from the […]

There are a lot of terms you come across when choosing sheets. There’s cotton, Pima and Supima cotton, and Egyptian cotton, and there are more words to know beyond that. You want to choose the right sheets for your bed, getting the best. After all, you spend a quarter of your life in your bed, […]

Depression and other related mental disorders have been stripped of their shame in recent years, making treatment more accepted and more accessible. This is in no small part to the admission of celebrities and notable figures admitting that they struggle with them as well. They have also been free about how and what treatments worked […]

The kitchen is one of the most frequented places in any home. In many households it is the biggest social hub of the family, in some cases even more than a social hub than the living room. Eating a meal is one of the easiest ways to bring people close together. However, if mold has […]

One of the worst things that a home or business owner has to deal with from time to time is mold. Mold is nasty in the way that it gets into the tightest of spaces while still having a major effect on the building. Mold is highly corrosive and dangerous. If you let it run […]

It amazes me that most miss that mold in your home could wreck havoc on your allergies. Local news stations post daily mold and pollen count for allergies on the air and it still flies right over the heads of most. If it’s happened to you too, don’t feel too bad because I was also […]